Räuberhöhle Ravensburg

Since 1830

The famous local pub

"Räuberhöhle" = Den of Thieves

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Sneaky Greetings!

Any red-blooded citizen of Ravensburg knows it - the "Räuberhöhle" (Den of Thieves).

We have been serving beer and enjoying a horrible reputation for roundabout 150 years.

And we plan on keeping it that way.

Ever since being founded in 1861, the "Räuberhöhle" was whispered about. These pages will give you a few glimpses of the real story.

To get the real feeling, you will have to visit, of course. Our walls date back to the middle ages, our atmosphere reflects everything that is typical of Southern Germany, and our beer - well, try it.

One thing we can tell you about our customers: they always come back.

See you (again) soon!


Der Mehlsack wacht
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