Räuberhöhle Ravensburg

Since 1830

The famous local pub

"Räuberhöhle" = Den of Thieves

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Our pub was founded in 1830 and christened "Räuberhöhle" (Den of Thieves) in 1861.

The original building was erected in the middle ages and is structurally attached to the old city walls, still visible today in some parts.

The famous lime trees, which are well over a hundred years old, are a powerful symbol of living history.

Under their shelter, you may enjoy a really great beer in a luscious environment - oops, sorry. This was supposed to be the History Page.

OK, how about this? We are the last real German BEER-GARDEN within historic city walls for miles and miles around.

History is great, and you may learn much about it in the fascinating museum nearby.

If, on the other hand, you should be a littly thirsty afterwards...


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